“Viable agricultural development in Messinia”, workshop, held in Kalamata on 16th May,

2014 organized by the “ Kapetan Vasili” Foundation.


Looking for centenarian olive trees in the county of Messinia

North Messinia, Kalliroi village, 03.12.2014. Olive tree with a 5m diameter at the horizontal section.

Valyra region, 03.12.2014. Olive grove with pleanty of centenarian olive trees with a 4m diameter and height 1.30, as measured from the ground

“Methods of viable management of olive cultivation”

Methods of viable management of olive cultivation”

The seminar took place in Kalamata on 17,18 & 19 November 2014 under the sponsorship of the “Kapetan Vasili” Foundation

Kalamata Mountaineering Society

Messinian Extra Virgin Oil Contest 2015- Organoleptic (sensory) procedure

Result announcement – Discussing qualitative characteristics of extra virgin oil with members of the Society

Olive fruit fly Extermination Program

Regional Section of Messinia – Iklaina- Kremmydia- Glyfada. Producers are guided by a team of agronomists